We clean your Furniture for Free!!

The Importance Of Steam Cleaning Furniture.

If you order a carpet cleaning service we clean a furniture for free

Many homeowners may not realize that steam cleaning furniture is possible.  Actually, this process can extend the life of many items in the house. While there are some over the counter items that a consumer can use to perform basic procedures on fabrics, these are not effective as the services of a professional. An expert who is trained to treat household fixtures will be able to remove more dirt, debris, odor, and stains. They will also be better equipped and trained to monitor water usage (over-saturating the fabric can leave the item in worse shape than before.)

Over time, items in the home pick up dirt.  Dust mites and possibly microbes can grow if they are exposed to food or other organic substances.  If left alone, these fixtures can cause health issues for those that are sensitive or have weakened immune systems. Because of this, steam cleaning furniture can deliver real health benefits to the home.  With a trained professional, it can be done cost effectively and quickly.
Offer valid until Feb 28 , 2018
The cleanings must be done from Friday to Sunday 

If you order 4 or more areas carpet cleaning service: we clean a chair for free or we clean a sofa at 50% of the value

If you order 8 or more areas carpet cleaning service: we clean a sofa for free